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I am an artist and currently studying fine arts at the Dresden University of Fine Arts. My artistic work is characterized by curiosity (and sometimes stubbornness).

I work mainly with charcoal, graphite and oil paints, but also like to experiment with different materials and techniques. I believe that the process of creating is more important than the outcome, and I try to maintain an open and curious approach to my work to give my drawings and paintings a loose and playful quality.

It is very close to my heart to incorporate environmental awareness into my work. Therefore, I make my own paper from paper waste and other materials I find in my environment. This way I can reduce waste and use resources that would otherwise be wasted.
It is very important to me to make my work as sustainable as possible.


2015 solo exhibition at Café Lot Like Crêpes, Bangalore
2017 solo exhibition at the student cafe ASCII Dresden
2019 yearly exhibition at HfBK Dresden
2020 solo exhibition at Carl-Lohse-Galerie Bischofswerda
2021 yearly exhibition at HfBK Dresden
2021 solo exhibition at Tagwerk.Space Bautzen
2022 solo exhibition at Mandala Dresden